Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Psalm 122; Matthew 18:18
The Federal Republic of Nigeria is a country in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. It has a diverse topography, with arid savanna, rainforest, mountains, mangrove swamps, and the wide delta of the Niger River. Nigeria became independent from Britain in 1960 and is now divided into 36 states to accelerate development and to minimize the impact of ethnic loyalties on national politics. Ethnicity is a sensitive issue, as Nigeria has 426 ethnic groups. The economy is oil driven. Nigeria is a wealthy nation but mismanagement abounds, leading to abject poverty. Nigeria is blessed with intelligent men and women, natural resources, good weather and great future in the Africa soil and beyond. Nigeria has great heroes in all fields of life across the world. God loves Nigeria. We are the contemporary Israel of Africa, the Zion of God.
Nigeria is blessed with all things but the selfish cabal disallows equity of the resources. Nigeria is now experiencing what is called padding of budget, diversion of fund for personal use and mismanagement of funds. The security threat is maiming the unity of the country as Boko Haram fight for Islamic State through insurgency, Niger/Delta Avengers and other militant groups fight for independence because of poverty level in the region through bombing of oil pipelines, and Fulani Armed Herdsmen through maiming and killing in the grassroots. The economy policy has not been favourable to our system and we are now in economic recession. Political leaders are not totally truthful to their promises. In fact, they have failed us. Education system is also in recession because each state is battling with unpaid salary issues whereby the students suffer the consequence. Health of citizens is less than anticipated average of life expectancy due to frequent doctors’ strikes, inadequate and old facilities and presence of few health workers in the hospitals. Our problem is now getting to the state of selling our national assets to survive the recession. People of God, we need to pray to our God to intervene fast and now is the time.
1.      The country is in total darkness and confusion. APC government is struggling to handle the country’s challenge. The strength of the expert is not feasible again.
2.      The judiciary and legislatures are not only impotent but corrupt. Padding is their logo.
3.      The police and other security agencies are experts in corruption. They are still unable to pull down the wall of militancy and insurgency in Nigeria.
4.      The youths are revolting over the nonchalant, incompetent, unpatriotic, unwillingness and indifferent response of the Nigerian government to their plight.
5.      The value of human life in Nigeria is belittled. Blood of innocents ones cry for vengeance. The tears of the displaced people call for judgment.
6.      Human strength has failed. Church has relaxed.
7.      We are the ones to bridge the gap for the country. This is our country.

·         That God will remove every wicked cabal that is in authority. Every ungodly ruler and those that do not stand up for righteousness and integrity shall be removed.
·         That God will separate the dead flies that putrefy the ointment of Nigeria (Eccl. 10:1).
·         That God will arise and scatter the enemies of progress in Nigeria (Psalm 2:1-4; Acts 12:21-23).
·         That God will give us a complete end to the cycle of religious violence in Nigeria especially in the North (Psalm 46:9).
·         That God will plant peace, tolerance and forgiveness in the heart of the aggrieved citizens.
·         That God will bless and protect all the believers from every attack of the enemy in the North East and Niger/Delta areas. Let us use Isaiah 54:17 that “No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against us in judgment shall be condemned…”
·         Pray for peace.  Ask the Almighty God to comfort, heal and provide for those who have lost loved ones and /or properties and businesses during the religious and tribal violence.
·         Pray against all hidden agendas, and that any attempts to deliberately orchestrate violence between the religious communities of Nigeria would come to nothing. Pray that every evil counsel shall be destroyed (Job 5:12-14).
·         Pray for wisdom in the utilization of the national resources especially the oil. Let us pray that every corruption, injustice and wickedness in high places be brought down and totally destroyed.
·         Pray for mercy for the weak, the poor and the orphans who cry for help because our Lord is the Help of the helpless (Psalms 68:5).
·         Pray for revival and restoration of our economy. That dollar rate will fall and wealth of Nigeria be restored anew.
·         Pray for inclusion of men and women like Joseph who solved the famine situation of Egypt with integrity of heart to be chosen and allowed in the cabinet of our president.
·         Pray that God will strengthen the heart of President Mohammadu Buhari with courage and wisdom. That his advisers will fear God and serve the nation.
1.      There shall be total destruction of all false altars and establishment of the Altar of the Almighty God in politics, government, education, health and economy of our nation.
2.      There shall be blessings of peace all over the Land. From the east to the west, from the north to the south.
3.      Healing over the economy, restoration of agriculture, and godly leadership. I declare ‘time out’ for economic recession in the name of Jesus Christ.
4.      Nigeria, arise and be great again. No more insurgency. No more tribal war. No more religious war. No more strikes. No more recession in the name of Jesus Christ.
1.      Remember to cover yourself, your family, your loved ones, your ministry, and your work, with the blood of Jesus.
2.      Ask God to be your rear-guard as you battle in intercession for Nigeria. I refuse to be the sacrifice for this nation. I shall live to enjoy the good days of this country.
3.      Pray for the church to remain active in the place of prayer for the nation. Pray that Church of God will not fail God.
4.      Thank God for answered prayers.

Written By
Allen Olatunde